John Huggins Bio

John Huggins (b. 1961) is a native Angeleno and currently lives in Los Angeles.  During the past 40 years he has created a dozen or so distinct series of work, moving on as discoveries are made and his interests change.  From early on until just recently, many of his images were produced on road trips crisscrossing the country on small blue roads.  His subjects have included surfers, skiers, roadkill, landscapes, abandoned industry, personal memories, cemeteries, fireworks, brushfires, the road itself and most recently flowers.  His images are often found but are occasionally constructed, they can be intimate or iconic, documentary or emotional.  His photographs are as small as 3 x 4 inches and as large as 5 x 6 feet. What can be said broadly is that he has a personal connection and often a long history with his subject matter. His photographs are often described as meditative, timeless or dreamlike.  Huggins’ work is in numerous private and public collections.